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41 Item(s)

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Russell Athletic offers a comprehensive one stop shop for all your men’s active clothing needs. With a focus on innovation, style and of course, comfort, our wide range aims to cater for both the serious athlete, recreational sportsman and those looking for reliable everyday wear. Chief among our versatile range is the iconic hoodie, its origins traced back to varsity colleges in America. Favoured by sports enthusiasts, casual wearers and everyone in between, this tried and true design will always be a popular choice amongst men from all walks of life. 

Russell Athletic loves hoodies

Whilst we might have begun with a focus on sports sweaters, we have long since adapted our range to incorporate men’s athletic hoodies in our online store. Ideally suited for weekends at home, wearing to and from a sports match, or getting involved in a pick-up ball game or hitting the gym, our hoodies offer the best of all worlds. This drive for designing practical, yet comfortable apparel is a philosophy which we’ve maintained for over 100 years.

Our entire men’s hoodie collection merges our classic collegiate styling with modern, on trend fabrications, colours and prints. We make sure to stock a massive selection of prints and details in lots of colours, delivering a vintage-style look.

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