Meet our latest Blogger – Josh Carroll @swaggyjc - 1st June 2017

The team here at Russell Athletic love mixing sport with style. When we sat down for a chat with model and Instagrammer Josh Carroll (@swaggyjc), we discovered he does too. Josh shared with us his lifestyle tips, favourite pre- and post-workout routines, as well as his favourite snack (which is a questionable choice!)

What do you love most about your favourite hoodie or track pants?

First are foremost they keep me warm. Secondly, the Russell Athletic range is aesthetically pleasing so I feel pretty good walking into the gym. 

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

Having a healthy lifestyle is much more than just eating healthy. It means living life to the fullest. Putting pride into everything you do and striving to be the best version of you possible. 

Do you have a fitness tip or advice you’d like to share?

Always make sure to warm up and mobilise your body before you start a workout. And never skip leg day! 

Where do you most love to exercise?

If I can't train outdoors, I love to train at Fitness First in Bondi Westfield. It's got an outdoor section overlooking Sydney harbour which makes it so much more fun to train. 

What is your routine pre-exercise?

Before exercise, I'll always make sure to eat a nutritious meal, have a coffee and make sure I've got the best hip hop playlist there is to work myself up for the session. 

What music do you like to listen to while you’re exercising?

What pumps me up for a beast workout the most is hip hop, RnB or Rap. Sometimes I'll throw some Justin Bieber on if I'm doing cardio. You can never go past a good Biebs track. 

What is your routine post exercise?

Always make sure to stretch the muscles I've trained, grab a foam roller and roll out for about 10 minutes too. I'll try to eat, but if I don't have time I'll drink a protein shake. 

What is your favourite post exercise snack?

Most people think this is gross but I love snacking on cottage cheese. It has a bunch of protein and good fats in it and relatively low carb. 

What is your favourite (or must-have) piece from the Russell Athletic range?

I love mixing the utility zip through hoodie with the two-tone pants.

Do you have a different outfit for different workouts (cardio/weights)? 

When I'm doing cardio, I'll try to wear a tracksuit so it enables me to sweat more. If I'm doing weights I like to be able to breathe so I'll wear shorts and a singlet. 

What’s your favourite café?

Preach Cafe in Bondi is my go-to cafe for healthy nutritious food, plus the vibe there is always amazing. 

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