Meet our latest Blogger - Brooke Meredith @brookiechook - 8th June 2017

As winter starts to set in, the team here at Russell Athletic decided to sit down with Brooke Meredith, founder and editor-in-chief of A Conscious Collection Magazine, to discover her lifestyle tips, as we head into the colder months.

What is your routine pre-exercise?

No routine as such, but one thing is for certain, I always make sure I’m equipped with a great play list!

What is your routine post exercise?

At the moment, I’m loving winding down in the sauna. 

What is your favourite (or must-have) piece from the Russell Athletics range? 

The Tights. Such a staple for any workout wardrobe and can take you from season to season. 

Do you have a different outfit for different workouts (cardio/weights)? 

Not really, it really just depends on how I’m feeling on the day and what’s clean. haha! 

What is your favourite post exercise snack? 

My chocolate protein balls for sure. You can find these here. 


What music do you like to listen to while you’re exercising?

Something up beat, I usually rotate through Spotify pre-made play lists in the workout section. They have a great variety, for all different paces. 

What do you love most about your favourite hoodie or track pants?

I love that they are the perfect at home comfort but you can wear them down the street or to the gym and they are still stylish. 

Do you have a fitness tip or advise you’d like to share?

Listen to your body and notice how you respond to certain types of exercise. What works for someone might not work for you. You really need to go on a journey with yourself when it comes to nutrition and exercise. What’s one person’s fuel can be another’s poison. And of course, find an exercise that you like doing. If it’s a chore, you really aren’t going to stick at it for long, are you?! 

What’s your favourite café?

That’s a hard one we are so spoilt in Melbourne. My friends own an amazing Vegan cafe; Matcha Mylkbar

Where do you most love to exercise?

I love to exercise outdoors as much as possible. In the summer, I love to surf -Not only is it a total body workout you get to have fun and a laugh at yourself for being so goofy! 

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

A healthy lifestyle for me is a balanced lifestyle, one with not too many restrictions and full of vibrancy. A healthy lifestyle enables you to be your best, be strong in both body and mind and allow your best self to shine for others around you. 

Make sure you check out Brooke’s Instagram page @brookiechook and her online magazine 


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