About Us

About Us

Russell Athletic was established from humble beginnings in a tiny factory in Alabama in 1902, when 26-year-old Benjamin Russell began building a legendary sportswear brand.

Russell began sewing a thread that would stitch together some of the greatest moments in sports history. Born and raised on the tracks and fields of America, Russell pioneered the first ever all-cotton jersey providing a new level of comfort for athletes, and the first sweatshirt as we know it was born.

After pioneering the cotton ‘sweater’ in the 1920’s, Russell Sportswear went on to become the preferred choice of athletes from Major League Baseball and the NFL to the little leagues. Russell was the Original Sports Clothing Brand.

Years later, the brand was adopted by Ivy League universities across the United States as much for its comfort and durability as its casual look. Russell Athletic became synonymous with the collegiate life, a relationship that endures to this day.

Russell Athletic is a division of Russell Corporation which is the parent company of Sherrin and Spalding in Australia. Locally Russell provides sportswear across a national sports retail distribution and New Zealand.


Russell Athletic - 5 Lakeview Dr Scoresby, VIC 3179 Australia. Phone: 1300 654 766